Advantage of wool

Pure, natural wool has been used by humans for centuries for warmth and coziness under all weather conditions. In recent times, many new synthetic materials have emerged and the benefits of natural waves have largely been forgotten.

Still, the wool is remarkably flexible material. It has properties such as: resistance, elasticity, absorption, resistance to mechanical influence, restoration of its natural smoothness, comfort, stylish texture, creates coolness and preserves the natural warmth of the body. Thanks to these unique qualities, wool is the perfect choice for you and your family.

Some of the benefits to sleep health with a wool blanket:

The wool regulates the body temperature and the microclimate of the bed, regardless of the season. It produces warmth in the winter without overheating and keeps your body cool in the hot summer nights because it has the unique property of "breathing" while maintaining the natural temperature of the body.

Wool is hypoallergenic - it means that products made of natural wool do not cause allergic reactions and are sparing, even completely safe for your skin. The wool is resistant to bacteria, mold and mold, which can cause allergic reactions in some people.

The wool is highly resistant to ignition - Persistent wool blankets are the safest choice in home, hospitals, hotels, and wherever beds are used. Due to its unique chemical structure, the wave is difficult to ignite. It does not burn with a strong flame and does not melt, so it will not stick to the skin and cause serious burns like many types of synthetics.

Mites do not like the natural wool- Mites need moisture to survive. They are easily multiplied in beds with other types of blankets made of materials such as feathers, feathers, or synthetics. Mites are allergens and are the major cause of asthma and seizures.

The pure natural wool is also:

Ecological - Wool comes from the restoring fleece of sheep, making it a natural, renewable resource. Although they are constantly experimenting, scientists are not yet able to synthetically reproduce the wave properties.

Sustainable yield and closed cycle - the sheep's wave is recovering every year. Moreover, the sheep are fed with vegetation, which also self-restoring, thanks to the same continuous fertilization by the animals themselves.

Animal care - no one sheep is killed when harvesting from the wool, that is, Stripping.

Biodegradable - In the current growing concern about discarded products and the accumulation of slowly degradable waste, biodegradability, as wool quality is more important than ever. The wool blanket has served faithfully for decades, and when it comes out of use it can be returned to the ground for natural and natural recycling.

Value and investment - wool products can be used for 15, 20 or more years. Although initially, the wool may cost more than a synthetic substitute, it offers in the long run the lowest price and the best comfort for your body. Wool products have a much higher wear rate than any other fabric used for blankets and throws